Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®, Abundance Activist® and co-author of the NY Times bestseller, Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality.


You’ll receive my best systems for succeeding in any economy, creating opportunities, and making a greater positive impact.  

These smart money moves and creative strategies work whether you’re running a business or planning your personal finances. Get ready to be inspired, excited, and eager to build lasting success.

1. Guided Meditation: Getting Into the Flow of Prosperity. 

2. Ellen Rogin’s Top 10 Tips for Creating Prosperity.

3. Organization Solutions.

4. Prosperity Circle® 7-Part Audio Series. 

FREE GIFT #1: Guided Meditation - Getting Into the Flow of Prosperity Activate more prosperity and abundance in 12 minutes a day with this relaxing, guided meditation.  

  • Draw what you desire into your life
  • Tap into the prosperity power you never knew you had
  • Remove stress—create calm

FREE GIFT #2: Ellen Rogin’s Top 10 Tips for Creating Prosperity Reduce anxiety and meet the challenges of unpredictable times with this handy toolbox packed with practical actions you can take today!

  • Accelerate your success mindset
  • Turn thoughts of scarcity to abundance
  • Energize and inspire you to stay on course

FREE GIFT #3: Organization Solutions Get and stay organized with a form you can use to track your income and expenses and a guide to staying on top of your financial clutter.

  • Money-Flow Tracker
  • Financial Records: What to Save? What to Toss?

BONUS GIFT: Prosperity Circle 7-Part Audio Series Author and Abundance Activist® Ellen Rogin gives you the steps to easy abundance and success! Ellen introduces each step of the Prosperity Circle® and tells how you can start increasing your Prosperity Power today. In fewer than 5 minutes, each audio packs a quick boost to your success.

1. The Secret to Limitless Prosperity 2. Clear Your Clutter 3. Beliefs and Focus Make or Break a Dream 4. Create Your Prosperity Vision; Sustaining Your Vision 5. Stepping into Action 6. Turn Scarcity into Abundance; Celebrate Your Achievements 7. Boost Your Prosperity with Gratitude and Appreciation